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First Post : What am I about

July 6, 2015 First Post : What I am about.

Animation is my passion, and gate way to making my dreams a reality. I have had the pleasure to work on, " Axe Cop, " and " Major Lazer." These two cartons show on Fox and FX. I graduated Full Sail University with a Bachelor's of Computer Animation. I consider myself a very talented artist, with much to share. So I created this blog to share my work and knowledge with everyone. I have much to post! Many of my first post will be past work, but I feel like I should get it out there for the world to see. I have high hopes of working in " AAA, " studios. I have a dream of getting my own cartoons on air. If that ever becomes a reality my studio will be called , " Tubular Chaos." Thank you for reading, and please swing through to see what I been up to.

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