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Surfing... Skating... I love it all!

October 13, 2015 : Surfing... Skating... I love it all!

When I am not animating or working 60 hour weeks to keep up with the struggle, I love to stay active. Deep down in my heart if there is one sport I love almost as much as animation. That sport is surfing. Actually one of the largest growing sports since the 70's. I live on the beach for a long time, and surfed over 200 days of each year. The largest wave I surfed was around 15 feet. Admittfully I was scared, but that's part of the rush. When I can't surf I love to skate. I only skate, because I do not live by the ocean anymore. Therefore I can't surf. So skating satisfys my surf cravings between surf trips.

Here is a photo of me about to get into the barrel of a wave.

This is my first time surfing the #1 surf spot on the the east coast. Cape Hatteras, NC. Too bad it was a small day. You can see the light house in the distance.

Here I am skating a bowl. Having some fun with friends. Pretty cool power slide at the end!

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